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December 5, 2013 | David Harris



We are having issues with our current upgrade to Moodle 2.6.    I am seeking a reputable Moodle Consulting firm to assist my systems people in troubleshooting this issue.



DP Harris, Phd—Vice President/CIO

LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY | Information Services


11060 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, California 92350

(909) 558-7600

Zoom Room:


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December 5, 2013 | David Harris




We are currently investigating our process for managing IT in our School of Dentistry.  If you university has a School of Dentistry, would you be willing to entertain a phone call to discuss your management structure and your deliverable?


DP Harris, Phd—Vice President/CIO

LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY | Information Services


11060 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, California 92350

(909) 558-7600

Zoom Room:


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December 5, 2013 | John Taylor

We would be interested in hearing opinions from those who have changed their domain name on when in the Academic year is the best timing. We are on a Fall/January Intersession/Spring/Summer schedule, and suspect that a time just after Spring graduation or at close of Summer classes may present the least risk. We are aware of the max 1 year overlap for the old domain, and it seems that most of the risk may be at the conclusion of the overlap - but would be helpful to know what those who have done it experienced as well.


Many thanks in advance,

- John


John Taylor
Dean of Information Technology
December 4, 2013 | Gary L. Pratt



We have been looking at the potential of moving EWU from quarters to semesters. The Board decided not to pursue this change at this time as an across the board change. But, they asked us to determine what it would take if we were to move a small sub-section of our programs (health-related) to semesters while leaving the rest of campus on quarters. We know the multitude of challenges a change like this would create; but, from the IT side of things, I would like to know:


·        Do any of you operate your institutions in a multi-calendar system (quarter/semester) mix?

·        If so, how have you handled the complexities in your ERP (we are a...

December 3, 2013 | David L. Smallen
At Hamilton, there is a student organization that supports entrepreneurial student ideas. Usually these are just ideas, but sometimes they result in an idea for a business venture that students want to start (in recent years these are most commonly e-commerce type activities). If you have anything similar, how have you been dealing with the use of college resources (campus network, etc.) for activities that are potentially revenue generating and not related to the educational mission. In the past we have recommended that these activities be hosted off-campus and that students involved operate them without using college infrastructure. Any thoughts or experience you have would be appreciated, Dave ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
December 3, 2013 | Ellen Borkowski
Hi everyone

We migrated faculty/staff to Google Apps in July.  We have run into an issue with access to our Google Apps environment from Iran, which is a sanctioned country.  Because of this, I am now learning more about Export Control laws and am now writing to the list to ask if your institution has a specific policy or guidelines in regards to Export Control Laws.  If so, could you send me a copy or point me to a website? 

Thanks in advance.


Ellen Yu Borkowski
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services

Union College
807 Union St.
Schenectady, NY  12308
Office: 518.388.6293
Fax: 518.388.6470
Web: http://its.union...

December 3, 2013 | David Harris

Colleagues and Friends,


I have been  given the priviledge of specifying the technology that will go into our redesigned Board (Executive Meeting) Room.  I am soliciting pictures, ideas of rooms which you have seen on your campus or others, which make appropriate use of technology.


In my opinion, a Technology Enabled Board Room would include most, if not all, of the following:

·        Wireless Access

·        Digital displays (projected probably, since we will need 100-120” diagonal)

·        Video Conferencing capabilities (Camera, probably PTZ)


December 2, 2013 | Robert Paterson

We’ve just had a conversation with MS about 360….. Just curious as to the status of your institution regarding using it. They are saying “student can use it for free” with the following caveats:

1. Customer is licensed for Office Professional Plus for Employees (which we are)

2. Customer agrees to deactivate the student’s access when they are no longer enrolled


The 2nd item above requires someone to go in to a web console and deactivate anyone that participated in gaining access to Office 365 and is no longer a student here


Some questions.

1.      If you have implemented Office 360, how much resource is required in #2 above?

2. ...

December 2, 2013 | Bradley Reese
This question may be somewhat far afield for the CIO list, but does your institution prohibit assignments in advance of the first day of a course (online or face-to-face)? Thanks, Brad Brad Reese Vice President Kaludis Consulting 703-395-0318 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
December 2, 2013 | Listserv Anonymous User
Message from

I will be teaching a self-study course in Management Information Systems.  Thankfully, I get to choose my own book.  It’s been a few years since I have taken an MIS course, -  If you have taught or have recently taken an MIS course, could you recommend a good text book?





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December 2, 2013 | AJ Kelton
I checked the history and did not see this, at least not recently, but does your institution have an instructor minimum use policy for your learning management system?

If its public, can you provide the link here.  If its private and your willing to share it with me privately, I, of course, will not share them.



AJ Kelton
Director of Emerging & Instructional Technology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Montclair State University

Emerging Learning Design 2014
Twitter: @ELDConf
November 28, 2013 | Mitchel W. Davis
When I arrived at Bowdoin College a little over ten years ago, the web reported to communications. The website looked like a printed book, navigation was an after thought, continuity and organization was lost and it didn't capture the culture or brand of the College. I said this at my interview. Soon after getting IT on its feet the web and staff were handed over to the CIO to fix. We cleaned it up and went through two redesigns, one for structure and design and another to install the CMS and integrate it into the culture of the College. The College hired an AVP of Marketing in Communications who seemed to know what he was doing and had some good ideas, so I gave him the budget and staffing to carry the work we started forward. This also include the beginnings of a Social Media program. Over two years the web under communications became incredibly risk adverse and the Social Media efforts were moribund and floundering in an effort to control the message and the brand. To move things...
November 26, 2013 | Mara Hancock
Hi All --

I am looking for some exemplar web service structures. Currently our only web design and developers report into Communications, which means the broader web design/dev needs are not being met in any sustainable or supportable way.  We have discussed moving the team to report to me as CIO, but I am not certain that will solve the issue completely, as it is probably as much about capacity and skills as it is about reporting lines. In addition, I understand the need in a content heavy environment, such as Communications, to keep some of that work in a more close-knit agile team environment.

I'd love to hear about structures and team make-ups that you think have produced great results.

Thanks, Mara

Mara Hancock
CIO, VP-Technology
California College of the Arts
Mobile Phone: 510-...
November 26, 2013 | Thomas D. Skill

We are exploring various models and practices for implementing extensive WiFi coverage in our 14,000 seat arena.  We have limited coverage currently but are getting a good bit of pressure to expand it.

Aside from internally funding and implementing a solution, we would appreciate learning about any external partnerships that substantially reduced or eliminated direct investment by the university.  

Has your athletics department worked any sponsorship deals that included an independent WiFi implementation?

Have you had success using a commercially-supported provider?

If you have implemented an internally-supported solution, did you find an affordable balance between cost and QOS coverage?


Thomas Skill, Ph.D.
November 25, 2013 | Brian Gardner

Greetings all,


I was hoping to get a quick pulse on what product(s) people are using for lecture capture (class recording/playback/etc.), and what your impressions are.  Apologies if this has been covered, a quick search didn’t come up with anything recent.


Brian R. Gardner, CTS

Director of Academic Technologies

Information Technology Group (ITG)

212.854.8092 |


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November 22, 2013 | Naveed I. Husain
Hello All,

We are looking into partnering with Pearson VUE to open a Testing Center on our campus primarily for use by our teacher candidates in our Division of Education. 
We would like to offer this primarily as a convenience to our students. 

Optimally we would like this service to be cost neutral, in a perfect world we would be able to generate revenue by allowing the community to use it.

My question is: have any of you done this and what were the outcomes? 

Best Regards,

Jeff Barnes
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Queens College – CUNY

November 22, 2013 | Robert G. Bryan

We are interested in changing our domain name. But we would prefer not to be constrained by a six month conversion period and indeed we would probably like to keep our old domain name more or less forever.


There has been some discussion about allowing an institution two .edu domain names instead of one. What is the current status of this discussion? Are we still bound by the “only one domain name per institution” rule as we speak?




November 22, 2013 | Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom
   We have been looking at better ways to serve our students by providing them with a single portal to look for and apply for available scholarships. It would also  help administrators on the back end. 

I am curious to find what others are using (we have looked at AcademicWorks). Any recommendations?

Thank you,


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom
Chief Information Officer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Executive Director, Academic Computing and Communications Center
Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

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November 22, 2013 | Nathaniel Hewitt

Good morning, Colleagues! I have a strange question for you…


When we had our students on Exchange, we had various security policies that we applied, including the enforcement of campus-wide broadcast/distribution messages (all users). Since those “good old days,” we have moved our students into the Google biosphere and it was brought to my attention that the students are sending widely distributed broadcasted messages to all google users (students).  Because this is in the commercial realm, we have not restricted/prevented this use…but have sent out reminders about the policy for educational purposes. I am of the opinion that if they are not abusing my exchange users, then I am not concerned.


My question to the constituency is do have a policy that prevents your “google” users from...

November 22, 2013 | Aaron Howard
Dear CIOs,

 I am reviewing our planned network refresh life-cycle for wired and wireless technology. I am curious to investigate if the trend for wireless has prompted a shorter wireless network life-cycle campus-wide or specifically in high density areas. What is your current planned wired and wireless network life-cycle? Has increase in wireless demand prompted a re-evaluation or early replacement?

 I currently plan to refresh wireless and core networks every 4-5 years and edge wired networks every 9-10 years. In recent years, we have upgraded some high density classrooms at a 3 year interval. We see wireless demand continue to grow and speculate that future wireless technology will continue to have smaller cell sizes and anticipate growth (~2x) in the number of access points required over 10 years. We recognize one way to address the growing demand is to realize the efficiency of current wireless...
December 5, 2013 | Allan Chen
Hi all,
We've been weighing different options for AV solutions.  Avast has come up, especially because it covers so many different types of devices and layers.  Has anyone rolled this out as a centrally provided solution?

I know that policies on the firewall level, the fact that it's more about user education, etc are relevant if not the real issue.  But AV is obviously still important.


Chief Information Officer
Menlo College
1000 El Camino Real
Atherton, CA 94027
v: 650-543-3889

August 28, 2013 | David Gansz



Having inherited an institutional website instance built on CMS Made Simple ( and hosted by an ISP off campus, I’ve been charged with bringing it back under our roof and using something more secure and versatile.


Any experiences migrating CMS-MS content to a new platform?  With limited funds available and looking to leverage existing technology, the thought of SharePoint as a front end has crossed my mind.  Any opinions there?


Finally, the opportunity exists to fold a student portal initiative into the mix.  Open to suggestions…


Many thanks in advance.


July 25, 2013 | Richard J. Bazile

Hello All,


I was asked to find out if there is a basic “computer science” class. This is for a non-IT person to understand how IT operates or should. I have been looking around on the web and locally for something remotely similar. Or is there some MOOC that covers this? ;-)


In other words is there a seminar, webinar, or a physical class that can help educate someone about the IT organization without requiring them to take prerequisites. For a person that has IT under his/her belt, without any “real” IT experience, how do they run an organization?


Any help is appreciated.



Richard Bazile

Assistant Director of Information...

July 24, 2013 | Marty Ringle
It isn't often that a CIO becomes a university president (even on an interim basis) so when it occurs, it's noteworthy….

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June 4, 2013 | Khalil Yazdi
Hi Jerry, I may have an option for you - please write me directly ( Best regards, Khalil
May 15, 2013 | Michael J. Chapple

As you know, last week the higher education IT community suffered a great loss when Dewitt Latimer was tragically taken from us far too early.  The news of Dewitt's accident had a tremendous impact on many of us at Notre Dame, where he spent many years as Deputy CIO before moving on to assume the CIO role at Montana State.

I first met Dewitt nine years ago when I came to Notre Dame for a campus visit and series of interviews.  I must admit that my first impression was something along the lines of "this guy is a little bit crazy."  Over the subsequent nine years, I learned that, yes, he was a little bit crazy, and also that he was brilliant, kind, and intensely devoted to his family, friends and the communities that he served.  That combination of qualities enabled him to make tremendous contributions to IT and higher ed as a change catalyst, thought leader and innovator.
January 8, 2013 | Jake Holmquist
Recently, there has been a renewed interest on campus to obtain and store the email address of parents.  Some of this information is gathered during the admissions process, however, many of our applications come through the "common app" and parent email is not a required field.

Are any institutions collecting parent email and how?  

What purposes is parent email being used for?
- emergency contact?
- notice about student records / financial?
- general campus activities?

For institutions using parent email for "non-business" related contact, do you offer opt-out/opt-in?

Thanks in advance,


Jake Holmquist
Director of Information Technology Services

November 28, 2012 | Keith W. McIntosh

Is anyone using a product such as BOARDVantage or a similar product for their Board?



- Mac -


Keith W. McIntosh, MBA
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Information Technology
Pima County Community College District


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November 2, 2012 | Listserv Anonymous User
Message from

We are looking at student retention/early warning systems and as always I am seeking your advice, guidance and caveats.


We currently run Banner and Blackboard. The student retention/early warning systems we are considering are:


Beacon from Campus Labs


Drop Guard from SmartEvals


Course Signals from Ellucian


Early Alert from Starfish


Have any of you had any experience with any of these products? If so, would you mind providing and insight? As you might expect, I am particularly interested in feedback about integration with Banner and/or Blackboard.

October 10, 2012 | Michael Richichi
As part of several levels of organizational changes within our IT organization we're exploring the idea of having a single unified call center and providing a single number/email/point of contact for all IT service requests and helpdesk calls.  The basic idea would be to have student staff do some basic triage, and then if necessary quickly refer issues to 2nd tier full time support, or into normal support queues for longer SLA responses. 
Currently, our student-run helpdesk deals with walk-up, phone, and email/web support all at once which can be difficult and confusing during busy times.  In addition, people call various full-time staff for what should be routine support requests that should be handled as part of a comprehensive call response system, and ensuring that full-time staff are working as efficiently as they can.  My hope is to centralize initial call intake with trained students with extensive troubleshooting...
September 7, 2012 | Theresa Rowe
Issue #2: Supporting the Trends toward IT Consumerization and Bring-Your-Own Device

"While the technology landscape has never been more personal or easy to use, it is simultaneously increasingly complex to manage and support. Faculty, staff, and students no longer need the IT organization as an intermediary in their adoption and application of the most commonly used technologies. They arrive with mature personal computing environments that they have self-configured to meet their specific needs, preferences, and styles of work and recreation. Any college or university that maintains hard-and-fast rules about which devices and communication tools must (or may not) be used risks being irrelevant. Yet the institution's data and intellectual property must be safeguarded, no matter where it is stored, transmitted, or accessed. Even the most strategic and flexible IT organization may, at times, need to be reactive. Institutions need to learn to...

September 7, 2012 | Charlie R. Moran

I had some time to catch up on my reading on a flight yesterday and read a great article in CIO Magazine by one of our higher education friends, Bryson Payne, the CIO at North Georgia College and State University. In this article, Bryson asks one of those simple but deeply insightful questions that stops you in your tracks. Quoting from his article:

“…I stopped asking why CIOs are such a famously short-lived breed. I chose instead to focus on pressing problems at my organization from a new perspective:”

What Would the Next CIO Do?


Wow – Simple but thought provoking question! Think about it: If you were no longer in your job, what are the first problems / opportunities that your successor would jump to work on? If you can develop of list of these needed changes,...

June 10, 2012 | Richard Suttles

Hi all,


Would anyone be willing to share the name of the software you are using to provide a campus-wide knowledge base?

Hosted (SaaS) or Installed? Purchased or Internally Developed?


Thank you!



Richard | office: 419.530.7916 | cell: 419.561.1526


April 4, 2012 | Joe Morvan



I have been asked by the VP of ITS to reach out to our membership communities and ask if anybody could recommend a dynamic futuristic speaker in regards to computing and technology of the future.


Our university provides what we describe as Todd Lecture series (described below) to the Norwich and surrounding communities.


The Todd Lecture Series is named in honor of US Army retired Maj. Gen. and Norwich President Emeritus W. Russell Todd, ‘50, and his wife, Carol, in gratitude for their dedicated service to the University. With this series, Norwich reaches out to bring important, significant lecturers to campus. 


April 3, 2012 | Theresa Rowe
Our residence halls folks put together an RFP for cable TV services to the halls that has now been routed to us for review.  We'd like to make sure we understand the current service offerings in this area before we review, but the Educause resources go back to 2008 and there's not much there.  If you can describe any current service offerings or have proposals you can share, I look forward to hearing from you.

FYI to vendors -
We do not intend to hire consulting services for this review, and any proposals will be handled through our Purchasing Dept. through a formal RFP.

Theresa Rowe
Chief Information Officer
Oakland University
********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at

March 19, 2012 | Listserv Anonymous User
Message from



I am wondering if anyone is using Microsoft Lync web conferencing solution for online courses or online meetings?  If yes, Could you please share your experience.


Thank you much






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March 7, 2012 | Shuchi Nalepa
We are exploring the idea of implementing a tier-1 centralized shared help desk for the university as a whole.  Does your institution currently offer such a service?  If so, would you be able to share some brief thoughts/take aways on how it works, does it meet needs, were there major stumbling blocks?

I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer.

Shuchi K. Nalepa
Smeal College of Business
Penn State University
11 Business Building
University Park, PA 16802
Tel: 814-865-0366   Fax: 814-865-1845
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February 22, 2012 | Malcolm Brown
Greetings, A request on a bit of research I am doing. Do you (or does your institution) have a plan for moving forward with mobile learning, a plan that has institutional (or cross organizational) scope? If yes, would mind sharing the plan or some information about it? Thanks! Malcolm ---------- Malcolm Brown Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative email: IM: fnchron (AIM) Voice: 575-448-1313 [cid:26157C72-E920-44F2-90D0-137179357B7B] ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
January 31, 2012 | A. Michael Berman

Hi, our new CFO is a proponent of the “Lean Services” approach to service improvement. So that I can better understand and support her efforts, I’d appreciate your suggestions about articles, workshops etc. that my CIO colleagues have found useful in this area. Thanks very much for anything you may have to offer.




A. Michael Berman, PhD

Vice President for Technology & Communication

California State University Channel Islands

One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012

o: +1 805 437 2099 m: +1 818 434 3520


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