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Hello all,


I have a rather interesting question for the group and, please, no one laugh. At Princeton, we have always (since the 1700s) secured our financial data to a specific project grant, rather than at a higher level, such as by department. Now, we’re redoing our Chart of Accounts and people are asking, “Why are we securing things so tightly?” (amen). I do recognize that different rules exist between the publics and the privates and that is certainly an influence.


So, I ask the group if any of you are aware of any document or other reference that might begin to shed some light on this question. Everything I’ve found answers the more obvious question of what are the costs of not securing your data enough.  And, if by chance, you’ve encountered this at your campus, please let me know as well.


Any and all thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.






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This has been a topic of discussion here, so I would like to see such a document if anyone has one.


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