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Hi all,

We are currently exploring different products for email list management, Lyris, Email Direct, Google Groups, and were hoping to narrow it down to one or two services.  I was wondering if anyone uses Groups as their primary list management system.  If so, how do you deal with the email limits outlined at ?

We like to encourage our clients to use Groups for the self service aspect, but once they get over a certain number of participants per group they will start hitting their daily limits.  For example, if a group has 1,000 participants, which is easily possible with a university our size, and I send 2 emails to that group in one day then I've hit my limit.

Is anyone else running into this issue?  If so, how are you working around it?

Devin Nix
NYU Google Apps for Education
Academic Technology Services
New York University

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I think you’re misinterpreting the limits. It’s mostly about external users, to: fields and messages from individual users. A group of internal users can be much larger. We send to lists of 60,000+ of our users on a regular basis, although in fact we use Mailman, but we also clone our lists to Google as a backup via the API and have used those in DR situations.




We primarily use Google Groups.  I suspect you may have missed this important note toward the bottom of the support article you linked:

Best practices for large mail volumes

If you need to send an unusually large amount of mail, consider an alternative to regular email, such as:

Essentially, the various limits described by this article are not included in messages sent using the Google Groups service.

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Dear Devin,

I hope all is well and that you might remember me. We met recently at the Google Apps Summit in NYC. 

I was searching through the list archives for information about Google Groups for Business (or whatever its called now). So far, we have only enabled its use for announce-only blast email sending. We are considering opening this up and have some concerns about how to develop a process for requests, or if is should simply to a free-for-all. My fear is that the namespace will become a mess after a few years, or that too much oversight would be required if we attempted to administer it.

Have you deployed Groups at NYU since your post to the Educause Google Apps list in Jan.? Would you be willing to share your thought process surrounding the logistics and issues?



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Hi Jennifer,

We do allow anyone to create a group.  So far we have just under 2,000 groups that have been created.  About 200 or so have been deleted in the last 30 days.  We hope to have an auditing tool in the future.  I don't think that the current group API gives information about last activity, but I imagine that's how we would decide if a group is no longer used.

Devin Nix
NYU Google Apps for Education
Academic Technology Services
New York University