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Hello all, in our recent conversation to Google Apps for Education, we noticed that the calendar of one of our largest calendar users did not fully migrate using the Lotus Notes migration tool GAMLN.  We have used this tool extensively without any problems.

After opening a case with Google, they informed us that they have a non-published calendar quota and that this user had reached it.  They said that they removed this limit for this specific user, and that this limit exists to ensure the stability of the system.  They also informed us that they can remove this limit for specific users as we encounter it.

Has anyone experienced this during their migration?

Thank you,


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      We migrated only from Meeting Maker to Google Calendar. We never experienced the quota issue. However, for very large calendars, we needed to import the ics files (you are probably using the API) at least three times to get all events to show up. Thanks to a unique ID of Meeting Maker ID, this did not result in duplication.

-- Ravi
CIO, Wellesley College
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Here at University of Michigan we're in the middle of our phased migrations and have encountered this issue as well. For large calendar migrations, we see soft failures when the event count on the source calendar is above 4,000. Above that limit, some events will transfer and some will not, although we don't see a pattern to what fails and what doesn't. We've also been told, after having the limits raised for a few accounts, that the restrictions will no longer be lifted for our migrations.

So, we've been running reports in advance of a migration and identifying large calendars, asking units or individuals to get their event count below 4,000. 


Ryan Vis
University of Michigan
ITS - AIS - Enabling Technologies
Google Collaboration Project Team