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Greetings! Our campus has had good success using Gmail for our students and alumni, and now we're looking at looking at rolling out Google Docs for students. One of the issues we're considering is how to handle faculty access once we roll this out. 1. What are best practices for incorporating faculty access to the students' Google Docs instance to maximize collaboration? Google recommends that we provision students and faculty on the same domain, to make sharing documents within the domain more seamless, can anyone confirm this? Pros/cons of this approach? 2. I realize that faculty would have to have a Google account to use Google Docs, but does this mean faculty would be required to have a Gmail account on the same domain? We want our faculty to continue to use Exchange for their primary email, and want to avoid email communication confusion. Is the best solution for this to set up email forwarding on all the faculty Google accounts to point to their Exchange email, or is there a better way? What are best practices for continuing to use Exchange email while enabling faculty access to Google Docs? 3. Are there any other issues (aside from accessibility) to consider when rolling out Google Docs to students or faculty? Thanks Peter ___________________________ Peter Mosinskis Director of IT Strategy Division of Technology & Communication (T&C) California State University Channel Islands (CI) One University Drive Camarillo CA 93012 USA tel 805-437-8587 PLEASE SUBMIT ALL NEW WORK REQUESTS TO THE T&C HELP DESK: call 805-437-8552 or email ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Hi Peter, 

1.  We find that it is a case by case basis and depends on the purpose of the collaboration.  Many instructors find that the 'can comment' access available in docs allows them to provide feedback on student work without having to gain edit access to the document.  For a truly collaborative project the instructor may need edit access, but we encourage the students to maintain ownership of their documents.

2.  Documents can be shared outside of the domain (as long as you've set that in the dashboard) with any google apps or gmail account.  We allow our clients to share documents outside the domain.

3.  One challenge you may face is communicating to faculty or staff about the differences between google docs and previous ways to share information.  Grasping the centralized, one document, many contributors aspect can be difficult for individuals who are accustomed to email, download, change, save, email, download, change, save, etc.  However, once it's adopted it will take off, our daily docs created has almost doubled since last semester.

Devin Nix
NYU Google Apps for Education
Academic Technology Services
New York University