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Hi – new to the list as of a few weeks ago. Recently named the product manager for Google, I have the following question for the listserv:


At the University of Notre Dame, we’ve had Google Sites enabled for a few years, but have recently allowed faculty/staff access. This has resulted in more things being done in Google Sites. Last week, a couple professors started to have issues adding a file to their web sites. Working with Google, the issue turned out that we had hit our Notre Dame limit/quota for Google Sites. Note: this limit is per our ND domain, not per individual.


What seems to add to this limit for ND is 2 things: (1) adding a file to a web site; (2) the File Cabinet. It’s not creating the web sites/Google sites that increases the limits. We were not aware that there was such a limit for our domain or what that limit was. We are also not aware or able to find a way to turn-off either one of these functions/abilities. We worked with Google to increase that limit, but this has caused us to ask the following questions (first starting with this list):


One – is anyone else in University-land aware of this limit or is this somehow unique to Notre Dame (I don’t think it is)?


Two – if aware, can anyone tell me how we can see what our current usage is so we know whether we will reach our limit next month, next year, or in ten years?


Three – anyone know of a way to turn-off these capabilities?






John Kelly

Office of Information Technologies

University of Notre Dame

(574) 631-7979


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We were able to find out how much space we've used by submitting a ticket with Google.

Devin Nix
NYU Google Apps for Education
Academic Technology Services
New York University