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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice on PeopleSoft integration with Google Apps.  We're specifically looking into having appointments from the advising system populate on the calendars of participants.  We're researching it now but thought someone else may have already tried this.


Devin Nix
NYU Google Apps for Education
Academic Technology Services
New York University

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Let me know if you find someone who does. We moved student email to google a few years ago and today we are in the middle of a peoplesoft sis deployment. 

Will as our ps consultant if he knows of an institute doing this. 


Jeanne Casares
Chief Information Officer
Rochester Institute of Technology

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     Unless you are looking for realtime updates, you can create a view of this info in PS and have a cron job run that then handles this using Zend PHP libraries. This is a very rich toolset. It supports the OAuth protocol, so you can populate any student's calendar using the consumer secret for OAuth.

      I have done this with R25 (or 25Live) calendars - extract the events, parse the XML and populate calendars on the other side. And the job runs every hour to either add new events, update events or delete them.

-- Ravi
CIO, Wellesley College
Google Voice - 860-631-RAVI

After some research, it looks like PeopleSoft can generate ical events.  Hypothetically, if we can generate an event with the correct info then it will show up on the calendars just as any other calendar event invitation would.

Devin Nix
NYU Google Apps for Education
Academic Technology Services
New York University