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Columbia is considering turning on Docs (or Drive), but in the past we have been warned that accessibility might be an issue. We're wondering how other campuses deal with this concern, in particular faculty assigning classwork using Docs. Please answer the survey based on your Google Apps for Education domain, not consumer Google. We'll share complete results with the group. Because references are important as we move forward in this area, we will include the names of answering institutions, as well as any links provided to policies. The survey is available here: Thanks for your help! Melissa Metz Director of Systems Engineering, Email and Databases Columbia University Information Technology ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Thanks for all the responses! I received 19 (including mine). The summary is attached as a pdf, plus below are some quick notes. --Melissa ==== - Of 19 responses, 15 allow use of Docs by faculty (80%). - Of those 15, about 25% have some limitations for courses, the rest do not. - Several institutions offer Docs even to those who don't get Mail. - Very few have integrated Google with their LMS. (Note that Sakai has calendar integration built-in via subscription!) Policy samples (accessibility): - "While Google continues to refine its products to ensure full ADA compliance, however, students cannot be required to use these features." - NCSU's policy: - "No policy. Accommodations, if needed, are managed on a case-by-case basis by Office of Disability Services." - "We haven't formalized the policy, but we have agreed to tell our Tech Fellows to tell faculty that they should not use Docs for classes until it becomes more accessible." Policy samples (privacy/security): - "Our policy for Docs falls under our general Acceptable Use Policy for all university information systems." - NYU's privacy policy for Google: - -