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Hello all!

I apologize in advance for the length of this email, but I am hoping someone has dealt with this issue before and the details will help with explaining what I am missing.

We are entering our final stages of our Google Apps transition from Exchange and are getting ready to test some users.  We would like to make this transition in blocks (ie: test group 1 (a few IT folks), test group 2 (the rest of IT and select Staff and Faculty), then Staff, Faculty, and Students, most likely spread over a few days).

That being said, we will need to keep our Exchange Servers up and running for a few weeks while this is done, and I am having a rough time getting the mail flow to work correctly.  Here is what I have configured, so far:

  • Using GAPS and GADS, Google Apps is mirroring our AD structure.  All users  have accounts, both in AD/Exchange and Google Apps
  • We configured Receiving Routing, per OU, to forward email back to Exchange (and not keeping a copy).  We thought it would be good to change over the MX records while both services were up and running, and that it would be easier to change routes within Google to throw the switch when we are ready to move the users.
  • Changed external MX records to point to Google.  
  • Changed internal MX records to point to Google.

With all of that done, everything still works, and our users have no idea we've done any of this.  Now, time to do some testing.

I have created a test user, in a test OU, that mail is NOT forwarded to Exchange.  When email comes from the outside world, it gets delivered to Gmail, as would be expected.  Of course, in Exchange as it currently is set up, delivers internal messages to the existing mailbox.  To remedy this, I have changed the Accepted Domain from Authoritative to Internal Relay and have tried to add Send Connectors that point to Google.  I have tried Internet, Internal, and Custom connectors that point using the FQDN or the MX records, but I seem to be having no luck. 

I'm sure someone out there with more Exchange experience than I have has done this before and I am hoping they can point me in the right direction.  Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Jesse Safran
Sr. Desktop Supervisor/Assist. Network Admin
Green Mountain College
1 Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764
802-287-0105 (Cell)
802-287-8264 (IT Computer Support Line)
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Last I worked with Exchange (Exchange 2007), an address on mailbox/user object would cause Exchange to deliver there regardless of routing settings. The routing only came in when the recipient was not a proxyAddress on any mailbox enabled object. To get around the issue we set up an additional alias domain on our Google side (in our case in addition to, created a forwarding contact for each user as we migrated them, and put that object DN in the altRecipient on the mailbox-enabled user object.

So as an example, my google mailbox would be (automatic alias - only used for routing)

And AD:
cn=jmooney,OU=... (user)
 altRecipient: cn=fwd-jmooney,OU=...

cn=fwd-jmooney,OU=... (contact)

Jeremy (and everyone else),

Looks somewhat reasonable.  Makes me wonder if you could do it the other way around.  For example, within Exchange, move the mailboxes into an already existing internal domain (say and make sure there are no email routes in or out for that domain (we just want the mailboxes to exist for access until we have verified everything transferred OK with GAMME).  If the users already belong to that subdomain (and in my case, they do), they should be able to access their old mailboxes, without any new email being delivered... or at least not email out or email in).  If the send connectors are configured correctly, all email should then be forwarded to Gmail.

Am I missing something?

Yes, that should work. I think the issue would be if they send something to another Exchange user the address will be out there. Could probably reject those with routing policy though. Also if someone picks them from the GAL (assuming you don't hide them) it'd still end up in the old mailbox or bounced by routing policy. Either case would be something to at least document well for the sake of helpdesk and other support staff.


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