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Hello all,


The University of Colorado Boulder will soon be moving student e-mail to Google Apps for Higher Ed and I was hoping to compare notes with schools that have been through this already. I’m particularly interested in hearing from schools that had a period of self-initiated, automated migration before a final forced migration. That is, students could proactively choose the time they got their mailbox migrated.


If this scenario fits your school’s deployment, we’re interested in learning:


Did you have a period of early adoption?

If so, what percentage of the migration population did the early adoption?

What percentage of the migration population did a self-initiated migration?

What percentage of the self-initiated migration group needed support?

What percentage of the forced-migration group needed support?


I don’t expect hard numbers; WAGs would be just fine. I thank you in advance for your consideration of these questions. Your answers will be helpful as we make our communication and support plans.


Thank you,





Greg Stauffer

PR & Communication Manager

Office of Information Technology

University of Colorado Boulder

O: 303-735-1608 / C: 303-396-2868


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Greetings Greg, 

My responses are included below your queries. 

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Hello Greg


We went through a similar migration for our students. We gave the students the option of using Live@edu or Google Apps. We had Live@edu available for 3 months prior to Google. See below for our responses.


If you would like to talk more details, let me know.





Tina Meier

IT Director

Oklahoma State University


Hi Greg, 

Here at Princeton University, we just finished moving all undergraduate students to Google Apps this fall. 

We did not have an early adoption offering and handled the migration by class year.  This year's incoming class was the first to get Google Apps services and were provisioned with these accounts from the start, in May of last year.  Returning students were then scheduled by class to move to Google Apps, which began in August and completed in October.  Mail was being dual delivered to both accounts during the migration with eventual turn off of the original account.  Access to the new Gmail account was our indicator that students were using their new accounts.  Service sunset communications dwindled to only those who weren't accessing their new accounts.  

At Princeton, our undergraduates are our campus population with Google Apps accounts.  Faculty, staff and graduate students have Microsoft Exchange service.

If you'd like more detail, feel free to call.  I can try to answer any questions you have, or can put you in touch with someone who can.  

Good luck with your migration!  


Linda Dereka
Senior Communications Coordinator & Strategist
Operations and Planning
Office of Information Technology
Princeton University
Phone: 609-258-5314