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I am pulling together all the topics and conference sessions that IT Communicators suggested we follow up on for future coffee shop presentations. One of the sessions was by KU (University of Kansas?) and there was a woman talking about strategic communications as part of the overall topic, but the session itself was titled in a way that made us think it would be about IT Communications. If you attended this session, please send me the title or contact info so I can reach out to them. Thanks! Carlyn ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


I think you are talking about the session by Jennifer Mehmedovic and Marilu Goodyear - Starting Conversations Across the Silos during Times of Change.  

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Hi Carlyn It was such a pleasure to finally meet you at EDUCAUSE! I have another idea for a topic (in fact, I might put out an email to the group to get some initial feedback). The topic is the use of videos for communication. Are they used? How? What topics? Who produces them? How is their effectiveness measured? Where are they placed for viewing? How is the campus made aware that they exist? I look forward to continued engagement with you, and this wonderful group! Wendy Wendy Luljak Senior IT Communications Strategist University Information Technology Services University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee E-mail: Phone: 414-229-3795 Sabin 388