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The video is a "commercial" (if you will) for the 2014 Leadercast. This is a fantastic day of speakers on the topic of Leadership. It is also very inexpensive professional development for your staff. To find out the sites that are hosting the simulcast, enter your zip code here:


Here are the speakers:


This particular Leadercast is sponsored by Chick-fil-A, which is unapologetically faith-based. So do know that the day-long conference will have a faith-centered underpinning, even though the speakers are not necessarily speaking from that viewpoint.




Bill Vriesema

Associate Director of the Service Desk

Calvin College

Information Technology Dept.

Phone: 616-526-6762

HelpDesk: 616-526-8555







Fellow IT Communicators,
Some days, this feels like my whole job:

Better close the door.  You are going to crack up.  I just sent it to the organizers for our next IT Town Hall as a session opener.

Carlyn Chatfield
Manager, IT Technical Communications
Rice University
Houston, Texas 77005
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