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Thanks Kim for volunteering!  My answers follow your questions:



Hi Martin -

I would like to work on the unique users in public computer labs standard that I helped draft at EDUCAUSE.  I would prefer not to lead the team working on it - I'm still very new to metrics.  No problem.  We’ll just find someone else to lead the team.  Thanks for volunteering!

If we can volunteer to be on two teams, I would also like to be on the power utilization in data centers team because it sounds interesting. Definitely.  There’s no limit to the amount of teams you can work on, as long as you can produce, I’m sure the team lead will be happy to have you.    I know very little about power utilization in data centers, but I'm interested in sustainability and I can offer an uneducated perspective to help create language that's comprehensible to other non-expert audiences.  If you think that would be helpful, please sign me up. Otherwise, I'll just focus my attention on the unique users in labs draft.

Great, now who wants to lead these two?  We already have a team member…