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Cherwell is a finalist in our evaluation of service management products to replace our current help desk solution.  Incident, problem, and change management, asset discovery and management of university owned devices, project tracking and the self-service portal are our initial areas of interest in use of the product.  If you are using Cherwell or considered using it but chose another product we would be interested in hearing your feedback.  Also of interest is whether you chose the on-premise or SaaS model, level of dedicated staff to support the product and level of satisfaction with the product and vendor support.  Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with Cherwell.



Deborah McMullan

Technology Project Specialist


Information Technology/ACS

West Chester University

Anderson Hall – 20D

West Chester, PA 19383




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Hi Deborah,


We implemented Cherwell last August. We have really like the product and it’s made a big difference in our service management and the services we provide to our community! We chose to use their SaaS option and later found out they don’t have many clients using it. There have been some headaches (login time issues, etc.) that we’re still slowly working through. We are still talking about moving it on premise because of this.


Additionally, Cherwell was very upfront with us that their asset discovery module is pretty poor. They said it’s not their bread and butter so they strongly recommended using a solution like SCCM and importing that data into the Cherwell. They said their integrations with other asset discovery applications is better than their own application.


All that said, I’d still choose Cherwell over any of the other ITSM solutions we evaluated. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Feel free to email or give me a call.






Michael L. Dean | Director of User Support | Information Technology Services | Des Moines University

office: 515.271.1565 | email:


If you are experiencing a problem or would like to make a request, please contact the Help Desk at or 515-271-1522




Good morning Deborah,

The University of New Mexico has been a Cherwell client for a few years, and I’d be happy to talk with you about our experiences.  We’ve been very satisfied with both the product and the vendor relationship.  You might also check the ITIL CG list archives, as several schools have asked recently about ITSM tool vendors and purchase decisions.  There may be some useful contacts there with folks who have recently purchased one tool or another. - David


David McGuire, MBA

Assoc Director, IT Project & Service Mgmt

Information Technologies

University of New Mexico





We recently went through an RFP process to evaluate a number of ITSM products.  We did look very heavily at Cherwell.  In the end, we chose TeamDynamixHE.  I won’t go into all the details about that process, but anyone who would like to know more, feel free to contact me directly. 


We are using the on-premise installation.  We have no staff completely dedicated to maintaining the product or server; it is part of the responsibility of three of us currently, and we are training a fourth.  Most of the time required is not due to the software but to the massive changes we are still making in IT after implementing such a powerful ITSM/PPM tool.  We’ve been very pleased with TeamDynamix and their support and have found them very responsive to requests and issues.  Again, I’d be glad to speak with anyone about them. 




Charles W. Plemons III, MS
   Helpdesk Coordinator, Technical Support Services, WKU
   Phone:  270-745-2359 | Email: