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 It's early, but I encourage you to submit an application for the 2013 Frye Leadership Institute.  The application information will become available in the fall of this year.  I believe we, community colleges, are underrepresented.  I'm not sure why, but in case it's lack of awareness, I wanted to make sure we're all aware.  This is a great professional development experience as well as an opportunity to share our perspective.
 The Frye Leadership Institute is "...designed for leaders in higher education, including CIOs, librarians, information technology professionals, and administrators, who are interested in working collaboratively to promote and initiate change on critical issues affecting the academy."
 Please consider applying for the Frye Leadership Institute and share with your peers as well as your deserving staff.
Frye Leadership Institute
- Mac -
Keith W. McIntosh
Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT (Acting)
Information Technology
Pima County Community College District
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