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Please Join Chuck Currier  Vice President/CIO College of DuPage as he leads the discussion relating to Community College issues.


EDUCAUSE 2012   
Community College
Constituency Group Meeting

Wednesday 11/7/12 10:30-11:20pm, Denver Convention Center – Meeting Room 403

Chuck Currier, Vice President/CIO, College of DuPage



  1. Introductions


  1. Community College specific issues


  1. Constituency Group built agenda –draft ideas


  1. EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues, 2012



1.     Updating IT Professionals' Skills and Roles to Accommodate Emerging Technologies and  Changing IT Management and Service Delivery Models

2.     Supporting the Trends toward IT Consumerization and Bring-Your-Own Device

3.     Developing an Institution-wide Cloud Strategy

4.     Improving the Institution's Operational Efficiency through Information Technology

5.     Integrating Information Technology into Institutional Decision-Making

6.     Using Analytics to Support Critical Institutional Outcomes

7.     Funding Information Technology Strategically

8.     Transforming the Institution's Business with Information Technology

9.     Supporting the Research Mission through high-Performance Computing, Large Data, and Analytics

10.  Establishing and Implementing IT Governance throughout the Institution




  1. Successes - Lessons learned 


  1. Other


•       ERP

•       LMS

•       Security

•       VDI

•       Mobile Strategies




Joe Miragliotta

Manager, Planning and Emerging Technology – Information Technology

College of DuPage

425 fawell Blvd

Glen Ellyn IL 60137



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