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Hello, colleagues!


I have, in collaboration with our Academic Dean, put together a brief survey to collect some data regarding infrastructure, staffing, and e-learning, among other topics.  If you would not mind taking a few moments to complete the survey, I would be happy to share results with you after I have collected enough data.  It should not take much more than 5 minutes to complete (18 questions) and the last (19th) “question” is intended for you to submit your email address to receive a copy of the results after I have compiled them.


Currently I have about 20 responses from the same request sent to my ISANNE colleagues, and I’m hoping to at least double that by extending the request out to this group.


Thank you for your assistance!





Jason Bourne '88

Director of Technology

Kimball Union Academy

7 Campus Center Drive

Meriden, NH 03770

Tel. 603-469-2340

Cel. 603-285-2596


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