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We are using Microsoft Dynamics RMS to manage our school store/cafe inventory and checkout processes.  We use it because it’s the only solution that Blackbaud supports to use in conjunction with Education Edge.  Our school store folks are very unhappy with the Microsoft product and have continually been asking for something “better”.  So, assuming that we are able to manage, on our own, an appropriate import/export process with blackbaud, what software would you recommend to run the school store?  Our priorities are that the software is easy to use, can process transactions very quickly (the line of students gets quite long during morning break), and the reporting is flexible and detailed.








Steve Herman

Systems Administrator

Germantown Academy

267-405-7560 (desk and fax)

215-651-1912 (cell)



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Blackbaud also sells and integrates, at least in crude fashion, a product called CounterPoint.  We just implemented it and, while implementation was a little rough, it seems like a decent product.

Ben Schworm
Director of Information Technology
Berkshire School

We use Bookstore Manager / RMS Platinum and I don’t work on it directly but it seems to  be a little more complicated than it needs to be for point of sale but it is useable and meets our needs (very small bookstore).   You can order books directly via the software but the manager finds that research is necessary to find the lowest prices on books.


At a previous school, we used Quicksbooks for a small bookstore and it worked fine.


-Julie Newton
Director of Information Technology
100 E. 27th Street, Austin, Texas 78705
512-404-4820 |P|



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