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Our Library has been using Destiny for a number of years.  We are considering moving from hosting it ourselves to using their cloud service.

I am wondering if anyone is hosting with Follett and what your experience has been.


Peter K. Richardson
Director of Information Services
Rutgers Preparatory School
1345 Easton Avenue
Somerset, NJ 08873

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We moved Destiny to the cloud last summer.   The process was easy and well-managed.  We’ve had no issues.




Jeff Dayton

Director of Technology

The Madeira School






We’re into our second year with Hosted Follett.. Our library services were great… they handled getting the info and database to Follett.

We’ve had ZERO issues with it – I second Jeff’s statement!




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We only recently started with Destiny, but we've been on the cloud hosted version the whole time and like it.  
Warren, ISA