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Just a quick question for those of you who have moved to Google Apps. What did you do with Microsoft Office, assuming you had it prior to the move? Did you drop it for faculty/staff/students, or some combination? Do you still have it? And in light of the events of the last two weeks, did having your primary app suite online pose you any problems?


For background, we have been moving toward Google for about 6 months, and are having some teachers and students pilot it. I watched Joe Lorenzatti ‘s presentation on Office 365/Live, and can see a benefit to keeping your Office license and using their web suite as a platform. It just doesn’t integrate into as many systems, if any. If I am going to pay for MS Office, and it is only a little more to make it all online from MS, then why should I go with Google, even if it is free if I am still paying the MS tax to keep the office suite around? The Professional Development issues should be much less by staying with MS, which is a fortunate by-product of the situation.


I am partial to Google overall, because the cost is much less even with the e-discovery and archiving pieces, but wanted to get some additional perspectives, if anyone has them. I apologize for the cross post, but wanted to get a range of opinions. I will compile everything I receive and make it available to all. Thanks for your thoughts.


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We use both. We started paying the Microsoft tax for Office and are replacing Office 2003 with 2010 now.  I suspect that the learning curve from 2003 to 2010 is greater than 2003 to Google docs. We'll watch what happens over the next couple years and evaluate things then.