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Greetings. I'm interested in recommendations for any Help Desk solutions being used to track, manage and report technology problems. We want users to fill out an electronic form or ticket that we can then assign to a staff member and track the number of days the case is open, etc. Ideally there would be some customization of the form and some drop down lists for the person reporting the problem. Thanks much. Barbara __________________________ Barbara J. Prine Administrative Systems Manager FirstClass Administrator Kingswood Oxford School 170 Kingswood Road West Hartford, CT 06119 (860) 233-3500 ext. 2265 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


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We love our SpiceWorks system. Mary Mary D'Amore Director of Technology Princeton Friends School 470 Quaker Road Princeton, NJ. 08540 (609) 683-1194 x32 (609) 731-7255 cell
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We really like our Freshdesk software. All web-based. Fully customizeable.
I'm a big fan of Web Help Desk, recently bought out by SolarWinds. Jeremy
We're using a web-based service We're also using Spiceworks for inventory, tracking, and print cartridge levels J -----Original Message----- From: The EDUCAUSE ACCESS Constituent Group Listserv [mailto:ACCESS@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU] On Behalf Of Jeremy Angoff Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 11:28 AM To: ACCESS@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU Subject: Re: Help Desk software I'm a big fan of Web Help Desk, recently bought out by SolarWinds. Jeremy
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We have been using Spiceworks (freeware) for about 18 months. It is meeting all of our needs.       Jim

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We use for our help desk and inventory/asset management.  It is a web-based hosted solution.  The asset management allows us to keep track of installed software( for license management) and block/uninstall non-approved software.  It's not free but is very reasonable about $3.00-4.00 per student per year(price based on size of school).  Also, our maintenance and facilities uses maintenance ticket system and their vehicle request system for reservations of school vehicles.

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We use ManageEngine Service Desk Plus. Not sure of the costs involved, but our support folks seem to like it. Chris
The solutions mentioned (web help desk, spiceworks) work pretty well according to my colleagues that use them. Spiceworks, in particular, has a soft limit of 1000 network devices. If you have more than that, you may want to see about more scalable solution. We just finished an evaluation for solutions that follow the ITIL framework, and are implementing Cherwell within our college. I can say ITRP, EasyVista, ServiceNow were also products toward the top of our evaluation. All of these have self-hosted or cloud-hosted (SaaS) options. JP JP Peters Director, Information Technology College of Sciences / COSIT University of Central Florida 407-823-1209 ------------------------------------ For IT service contact us: | 407-823-2793 ------------------------------------
We are in the process of moving from Spiceworks to Schooldude. We are going with the helpdesk and the asset management system. It came in very reasonably priced for the size of the school, and it is making tracking a number of items much easier. There is no email to ticket gateway, which will probably be the biggest issue, but overall I am happy with the new system. Spiceworks served a need for a while, but I wanted to do more than it could handle in terms of managing our 1:1 program. Alex J Podchaski, CETL Director of Technology Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child 44 Blackburn Rd, Summit, NJ 07901 Tel 908-522-8159 |  Think before you print
We have Spiceworks and are very pleased with them. It's free (supported by ads) and is also supported by selling aggregate data to vendors. The email based ticket submission feature has been very important for our campus. There is also a form but hardly anyone uses it. The Android/iPhone apps for work great too. My only complaint is that because of how it fetches the emails, it's slow (1-3 mins) to process email tickets. We are about to add our maintenance staff to a second Spiceworks instance (not it's purpose but will work for their needs). Read the privacy policy: But it works for our funding budget/needs. -Julie Newton Director of Information Technology ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUSTIN PRESBYTERIAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY