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Our school administration is reviewing and revising emergency plans.  During a lock-down, they want to be able to use some electronic service to know who is accounted for and who is not.

Are you aware of any software or service that will allow people to check in during an emergency by phone, text, smartphone app, or computer?

What non-electronic method does your school use to accomplish this?  (Extra credit for any answers that come from schools with a large campus with many buildings spread out over many acres.)


Brian Gray
St. Stephen's Episcopal School
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Hi Brian,

We use e2campus for 1 way text and email notification to our students.  We are pleased with it and have used it twice during active emergencies in addition to using our campus phones as an intercom system.


I am also familiar with Dell’s AlertFind product that has more complex capability in its phone tree system including 2 way communication where you can ask questions (what building are you in? press 1 for main building, press 2 for library etc) or even complex scenarios (call maintenance department until you get 3 ‘yes’ responses to “Can you be on campus in 15 mins?”)




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