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I am looking for advice on ipads an ibooks:


We have 20 ipads that are Supervised using the Apple configurator. I need to get an ibook purchased (20 copies) from the vpp store onto those ipads, but the Configurator is not capable of distributing ibooks. I know that ibooks are handled differently than apps in terms of who retains ownership and how the codes must be redeemed, but what are schools with Supervised carts in Lower School classrooms doing to get ibooks onto their ipads? Is there ANY way to do this, even if I had to create 20 unique apple ID's, would this work since the ipads are tied to configurator?


Aside from using apple ibooks, are there better solutions for purchasing and distributing ebooks from other sources that would allow me to get buy 20 copies of an ebook and distribute then to a supervised cart?










Matthew Frank

IT Systems Administrator

Germantown Academy

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