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Hello All,

Does anyone have any recommended models for N standard WiFi?  Best performance for price?  So far I have a couple recommendations and quotes for two Cisco models.  One with a built in antenna (CISCO AIR-AP1142N-A-K9) and the other with an external antenna (CISCO AIR-AP1252AG-A-K9-).  We currently use Cisco 1100 series throughout our campus and looking to move up and include N.

Thank you for any feedback.

Bryan Bentley
The Pennington School
IT Systems Administrator

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I'm a big fan of our Bluesocket (now part of Adtran) wireless infrastructure.  The management controller is just a VM in our VMware environment and the access points are all 802.11n.  The whole system runs great and is easy to manage and integrates nicely with our Active Directory infrastructure.  Handles both secure (WPA2 Enterprise) and guest networks.  I'm not sure it will work with your current Cisco access points though.


Christopher Butler
Director of Information Services
St. John's Preparatory School