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Hi all,

Quick question for you: do any of you have BlackBaud and use a smart card system for the school store, soda machines, laundry machines, etc? We have Odin just in our bookstore right now, and we would like to see what else is out there that could work better as a campus one-card solution?

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much.



Charles D. Thompson
Director of Information Technology
The Taft School
110 Woodbury Rd.
Watertown, CT 06795
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We use CardSmith


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We're in the same boat and have spent to last 2 months researching various options. They are all absurdly expensive IMHO but ODIN just has to go. The 3 we have narrowed it down to are:
  • Blackboard Transact
  • Cardsmith (debit cards) with Halo (pos) - Halo is very reasonably priced and simple but CardSmith is very expensive. Halo also is really just a POS, it has no inventory control
  • CBORD OdysseyPCS
We'll be visiting L'ville next week (they have a CardSmith/CounterPoint system) and then after that we should be close to a recommendation. If I forget, follow up with me in a couple of weeks and I'll let you know what we decide and why.


Tom Phelan
Director of Technology
Peddie School
Office: 609-944-7625

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We've been using Card-Smith for the past 6 years.  We use it as a debit card for our bookstore and our cafeteria (students bring/buy lunch at SJP, we don't not provide lunch as part of tuition) with separate pools of money for each location.  We use it as our ID card for students and for front-office attendance (Veracross now has a card-swipe input for quick-entering master attendance that can read the bar code ID we print on the card).  In two weeks, we will start using the same card as an ID for card-swipe access to our copiers (instead of typing a code to access the copier, we'll just swipe our ID card).  We print ID cards for all our faculty too.

I know that BC High used to use Card-Smith but I think that they switched to the card system from Blackboard last year.  I'm not sure why they switched though...


Christopher Butler
Director of Information Services
St. John's Preparatory School