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We don't allow personal devices on our school network. We provide Apple laptops for teachers and have accomodated model choices in the past based on need, mostly larger screens for sight issues, or larger drives based on classroom needs. There are PC's for business, development and administration staff and a few teachers, but support, since the number is relatively small, is handled by our network admin. We run with a small tech staff and wanted, as much as possible, to have a homogenous set of machines that we can manage. The school does not want to manage  machines that we did not own.

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It's a little bit tricky with us.

1) In general, we do not support personal devices from employees on our network.
2) All faculty get a laptop (13" MacBook Pro) with their choice of OS (OS X or Windows).  Staff who need a computer usually get a desktop, unless they/their boss determine that they should receive a laptop instead (again, their choice of OS).
3) We provide all faculty with an iPad (and some staff too, depending on their role).
4) We do allow faculty/staff to connect their smartphone to our Google Apps to access email/calendar/contacts.  We make clear the consequences (once they connect to Google Apps, I gain the ability to remotely wipe their device) but we don't support connectivity issues beyond pointing them to the correct Google Help pages for their device.

We do have a guest wireless network that anyone can join (as long as they have a username/password from our central authentication system).  We clearly indicate that this network is provided with no support and guarantee of functionality.


Christopher Butler
Director of Information Services
St. John's Preparatory School