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Have you built an "identity registry" at your campus?  Will you need to re-vamp that registry anytime in the near future?

A cross-campus workgroup from the Community Identity Framework for Education and Research (CIFER) spent quite a bit of time in the past year reviewing higher ed registry solutions and we invite you to take advantage of the materials we gathered.  At the CIFER wiki pages listed below, you will find:

* a high-level functional description of identity registries in higher ed
* comprehensive requirements documents to use when evaluating registry solutions
* detailed video presentations describing the Kuali Identity Manager, jasig Open Registry, and Penn State Central Person Registry solutions

Open Registry is now in production at Rutgers and Central Person Registry is very near at Penn State, and both products are available under open source license for download and evaluation.

The CIFER registry workstream is encouraging campuses to take a close look at these solutions if and when they are planning a registry project.  We anticipate the community around both projects will grow in the coming years, and CIFER will continue to support that.  Currently, members of the registry workstream are actively working on defining APIs for integrating registries with Systems of Record and "extracting" data for integration with downstream systems.  Others are actively working to build an open source ID Match engine that can be configured for deployment in any higher ed setting.

Materials on the registry workstream and evaluation effort are available here:

For more information, mail the CIFER Registry Workstream at:

You may also want to tune in to the IAM Online meeting tomorrow, 11/14 at noon PT, 3pm ET to learn more about how UCB and UCSF are looking to CIFER registry solutions to fill a key component of our next generation IAM infrastructure.

- Dedra

Dedra Chamberlin, Deputy Director
Identity and Access Management 
UCSF and UC Berkeley