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From: "Saperia, Jon" <>
Subject: [inc-useridentifiers] InCommon User Identifiers Survey
Date: September 28, 2012 6:14:10 AM MDT

A challenging aspect of federating applications and achieving interoperability across the large and diverse set of identity-providing organizations in InCommon centers around the identification of users and the storage of user account information in application databases. We term the attributes used for these purposes "identifiers". A number of identifier attributes exist, with different properties, but often their limitations are unclear to service providers, and applicatons that were designed in a non-federated past  may have limitations that require compromises. 

The InCommon-UserIdentifiers working group has been formed to investigate these issues. To get a wider sense from the community about issues they may have, we have created a survey that we hope you will take the time to complete.  An anonymized summary of responses will be shared publicly after the survey is complete. If you would like to look at the survey in advance, a PDF version has been posted so you can understand what will be asked in the survey and collect data you need in preparation to filling it out. The location of the PDF is:

Once you have collected the information together to complete the survey, we estimate it should take about 20 minutes to complete the survey.The location of the survey is:

Please feel free to forward this survey URL to any other relevant lists/individuals that you feel would be able to provide input. The survey will be open for input from now until close of business on Friday October 19th.

The InCommon-UserIdentifiers working group thanks you for your help.

Jon Saperia
Software Architect

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Steve Olshansky
Director, Federated Technologies, Internet2


All- The anonymized results of the user identifiers survey are now posted at Thanks very much to all who participated, and to Jon Saperia for leading this valuable effort. Steve -- Steve Olshansky Director, Federated Technologies, Internet2