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At the University of Washington we are still using a home grown Person Registry. Users do get to pick their own UW NetIDs and we normally say they can not be changed but we make an exception if they would like their ID to more closely resemble their name (legal name changes must be represented in SOR) or in cases of harassment. Before 1999 UW NetIDs were re-issued but after that time we established several UW NetID states active, wanted, or abandoned (prior/former). Some users may have more than 1 abandoned UW NetID but our help desk tries to discourage users from changing. Email is tied to the UW NetID ( and we don't offer forwarding from the old email address. On occasion an exception will be made there as well with temporary email forwarding for professors (sometimes others) who may have published papers under the prior ID. The existing APIs to our Person Registry data do allow lookups on prior UW NetIDs. -- Jonathan Pass, IAM Technical Lead UW-IT Identity and Access Management 206-543-0278 On Thu, 1 Nov 2012, Tom Scavo wrote: >


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UA assigns usernames based on legal name.  If legal name changes, individuals can trigger a new username based on their new legal name.  
The username is just another attribute in directories (Oracle, AD).  We also populate an unchanging ID# which can be used as key or index by downstream services.  Neither usernames nor ID#s are ever re-assigned to a different person.   Downstream applications that create internal accounts keyed to username (rather than ID #) have to deal with name changes.  Our IdP simple password authentication accepts either name-based usernames or ID #s as the identifier.

David Bantz

On Thu, 1 Nov 2012, at 04:57 , Keith Hersh <khersh@SUFFOLK.EDU> wrote:

We are in the process of rolling out Identity Management by Oracle version at Suffolk University.  We are interested to know how others are treating the issue of name changes.
For instance, the entity becomes divorced and no longer wishes to be associated with married name, or wants an id corresponding to a spouse, or perhaps the admin in charge of a trusted system fat fingers a name.
Is there a method for correcting such changes in identity once the person has been created in the IDM.  How are others handling this issue? These issues are currently being handled by manual processes here.
Thanks. Will combine responses received.
K. Hersh