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We are  reviewing  software solutions to deploy federated identity services @ Temple University. As I understand you are affiliates of InCommon and would like to know the software/application  you have in place to offer federated identity solution.  Thank you in advance. Should you have any feedback/questions, I can be reached at




Ramana Chamarty


Phone: 215-204-2119

Director, Technical Support Services

Office of Identity and Access Management, Computer  Services

Temple University




If you focusing on providing federated authentication, a good deal of higher education institutions offer SAML based solutions, particularly through Shibboleth.   Membership in InCommon reduces the barriers to interoperability with other member schools and third party vendors.

In October, InCommon will be staging an Shibboleth Installfest in Florida.  It is a great way to learn about the software and come away with working examples: