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Based on discussion on today's MACE-Dir WG call, we decided to propose a new attribute to address Mikael Linden's interest in offering SPs some help in dealing with reassignments of ePPNs. We opted in favor of an attribute named eduPersonIdentityCreationTimestamp (or ePICT for shorthand in discussions). Its proposed definition reads "The value of this attribute is an ISO 8601-conformant timestamp indicating the time that the associated eduPerson identity was created." This lead to the creation of a new draft version of eduPerson which is now available for review and comment at You are invited to send comments to By all means also send to the MACE-Dir list if you would like to see discussion of your comments. Regards, --Keith Hazelton


On Sep 24, 2012, at 16:26:41, Sroka, Gabriel wrote: > Would it make more sense to use a more LDAP-like syntax such as (time) instead of .15 (which is a string) ? > > Would it make sense to use more LDAP-like values like: 20020810223720.0Z ? (this might be required if you use a .24 time--see above) > > Would it make sense to use more LDAP-like attribute name like eduPersonIdentityCreateTimestamp (similar to createTimestamp) ? > > Thanks. Gabriel, Not all of us are running LDAP as the back end to our SAML services. Given that, the syntax in Draft 03 is slightly more generic. --Keith Hazelton > >