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Currently, we populate Active Directory and our enterprise directory with nightly feeds from PeopleSoft, where for the most part, PeopleSoft is the data of record. We are about to introduce Workday into the mix, and I expect other cloud products aren't far behind. As such, I'm compelled to reconsider how we organize identities. One challenge for us is to decide where the data of record is for personal information: Workday, PeopleSoft, both, or a dedicated identity management system. I'm wondering what other schools are doing on this front. Have any of you implemented/deployed identity management systems that act as the data of record for person records, instead of being fed by, for instance, PeopleSoft? I'm trying to get the sense of what if any pitfalls there are to this strategy. Thanks for your help. - Pete Pete Bosanko Manager - Identity Management 736 Rhodes Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 607-254-8683


I assume you are referring to when you say 'Workday'? If you are going to have both Workday and PeopleSoft on campus they may both be systems of record. Start by identifying your sources of authority for your identities. For us our Human Resources department is the Source of Authority for employees, the Registrar is the source of authority for Students, etc. Now, what system will your Source of Authority use to manage employee data? Which system will generate, assign, and store your official employee ID? That is your System of Record for Employee identities. The system that generates, assigns, and stores your official Student ID is your system of record for students. My experience is that off the shelf enterprise products are not designed to work with externally managed identities. I have not heard of any implementations where identities are created in a central system and then fed to enterprise systems such as PeopleSoft or a Student Information System. I believe the two most used strategies are to either aggregate identities from all systems of record into a downstream person registry or to try to use a single enterprise product such as PeopleSoft or Banner to manage all identities (employees, students, guests, visitors, other, everyone). My observation is that there are too many different types of identities to manage in Higher Ed for a single product to work well for all of them. Aggregating multiple systems of record into a person registry works very well here.
JimmyV, That's useful to know. What products are you using for Student and HR systems? Thanks. - Pete On 2/9/12 8:46 AM, "James Vuccolo" wrote: >