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I’m looking for some feedback on how other universities may have amended their data classification policies to include university generated audio and video content in the context of what types of content would cause a video to be classified as confidential or protected, or maybe just sensitive.  We are in the process of replacing our video repository and the question was brought to me.  Since Information Security owns most of the policy creation here, I’m struggling with how to word the thing.


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Here at the University of Missouri, we haven’t made any distinction within our data classification system specifically for audio and video.  We look at it just like any other data and classify it based on content.  If it includes identifiable students, for example, we could classify it at the same level as any other FERPA-protected data.  If it had patient-identifiable medical images, we would classify it at the same level as any other HIPAA-protected data.


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Michelle Wisdom, JD

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I agree with the below comment as there should not be any need to amend existing policies because in the case of FERPA it is very clear that an image or video recording would identify a student.  Same thing for HIPAA data. 


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