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We've been revising our click-wrap for faculty and staff who have access to student data, setting some guidelines for appropriate computer (and paper) behavior. I've been doing some looking around, and haven't found any similar documents that say things like
  • 'lock your computer when you walk away from it'
  • 'keep your OS and AV up to date'
  • 'don't share your password'
  • 'don't leave exams in a box outside your door'.
We had a similar document for the past ten years, but some of my faculty colleagues recently noticed, and objected to the wording, so we've modified it. But if others had similar 'click-wraps' that they would be willing to share, we could then say 'See, all the other kids are doing it'.
I'll share our draft if there's interest.


Geoffrey S. Nathan
Faculty Liaison, C&IT
and Professor, Linguistics Program
+1 (313) 577-1259 (C&IT)
+1 (313) 577-8621 (English/Linguistics)

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See for the closest we have to this. 

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Merri Beth Lavagnino
Indiana University

Hi Geoffrey,
This is the document that we have attached to our Acceptable Use policy.  Hope it helps!