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Dear Colleagues,

I am working with out of house counsel in developing/revising a copyright license agreement that will be used with faculty, staff, researchers or students.  By default, our institutional copyright policy (section III. A) identifies the creator as the owner of scholarly, pedagogical or creative efforts.  

Increasingly our faculty and students are engaged in public scholarship or other similar outreach activities.  The license agreement is intended to secure rights for the College to make available scholarly works beyond the duration of a course e.g. The Pluralism Project.  We are looking for a document that could be more broadly applicable than specifically making content available through an institutional web site beyond the duration of a course but this is a good example of the kind of work we are looking to support.

If you have a sample document you would be willing to share, I would be grateful.  



Andrea Nixon, PhD
Director of Curricular and Research Support
Lecturer in Educational Studies
Dean of the College Office
Carleton College

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One thing that might be helpful to look at is Harvard's open-access policy called DASH, What is nice about Harvard's method is that the faculty member retains their copyright but allows Harvard to post it to DASH (Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard). best of luck- Martha McCaughey