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"First Lady of Privacy" Harriet Pearson and ethical hacker Charlie Miller will keynote the 2014 Security Professionals Conference. Join this exciting speaker lineup. Submit your presentation proposal by Thursday, November 14. Hope to see you in St. Louis next May! Best, Valerie Valerie Vogel Program Manager EDUCAUSE Uncommon Thinking for the Common Good direct: 202.331.5374 | main: 202.872.4200 | ********** Visit the EDUCAUSE Policy website at


Hi Valerie,

I forgot to include this in my presentation proposal, but if someone is interested is seeing the original one (it will be updated for SPC), they can look at (2013 presentations)

There is even a video version if you don't feel like reading :-)

Please ignore if this is against the rules :-)


Joel Rosenblatt, Director Network & Computer Security
Columbia Information Security Office (CISO)
Columbia University, 612 W 115th Street, NY, NY 10025 / 212 854 3033
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