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We recently discovered that departments across campus have used a 3rd party webform site called  A quick web search will tell you why this ‘service’ is of concern.  These were shut down immediately and replaced with secure webforms on our website. is ‘free’, and has had some history with Secret Service shutdown and other privacy issues.  The terms and conditions also makes it very clear that the information may be “used, distributed, reproduced, modified, adapted, published, translated, and publicly displayed” ….in other words completely insecure and unprotected.  They actually make a statement that you use it at your own risk and they are not responsible for the data being secure.    


My questions to this group are twofold – 1) have you had any success in education and prevention of your faculty/staff using these types of 3rd party or cloud sites which are ‘free’, easy and without contract review (and without security)?  and  2) have any of you had success in finding these types of links on your website?    We are currently looking just for and  Anyone know of other ‘services’ that we may want to look for?


Thanks for your assistance in advance!


Kim Heimbrock

Director, IT Policy and Compliance

Northern Kentucky University

(859) 572-5139



We are considering moving from the very stable "Safe Boot" version of McAfee Endpoint Encryption to their EPO version 6.1.1. I would really appreciate feedback from anyone who has made this upgrade Pro or con. Cheers.-grish David Grisham, Ph.D., CISM, CRISC Manager, ITSecurity, UNM Hospitals