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Is anyone on the list using the CopySence appliance from Audible Magic to deter file sharing of copyright protected material instead of limiting or blocking p2p traffic altogether?  If so we be interested in hearing your experience with the product, good or bad.
Michael A. Cole '2010
Manager of Network Operations
Clark University
950 Main street
Worcester,  MA  01610



We have been using a Copysense appliance for two years. We mostly do monitoring with the system, but we have set up blocking. The device is easy to use and there was a substantial discount of about 50% from the list price due to subsidies from Sony et al. We have been very happy with the device and the support.

Kind Regards,

Rob Whalen, Network Analyst

Saint Mary’s College of California


We have investigated this appliance and have decided to make the purchase and install it on both our campuses.  I imagine that it’ll take a month or so to get everything in and running, but depending on your timeline/needs, I can let you know how our experiences went.



James Jacobson

Information Technology Services



Midwestern University

Email:           Midwestern University

Direct Phone: (630) 515-7351             555 31st St.

Direct Fax:      (630) 515-7354             Downers Grove, IL 60515




We have been using the CopySence product for a couple of years.  We currently have it running in a monitor only mode.  We use these reports as part of the process to identify users associated with a DCMA notices.  We tested the graduated response portion and it did work as advertised.


Bruce Entwistle

Network Manager