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How do you handle giving access to wives or children of employees while maintaining CALEA compliance?  For example if you have a married couple on campus the wife is a student and thus providing her access is still a private network.  If you provide her husband access, or their teen child of which neither the husband or teenager are students or employee does this then mean that you have to declare your network public and thus complete the compliance piece for CALEA?


Mark Reboli

Network/Telecom/IT security Manager

Misericordia University



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It is my impression that as long as you limit access to only certain people on your network it is still considered to be a private network. The person has to request something from the school in order to gain access to the network. In the case of a family the family member who is a student is requesting access for the rest of the family and the school grants that permission. This is not the same as the other members of the family just coming to the campus and immediately getting access to the network without any prior permission. Don't you have outside groups coming to your campus for meetings and expecting network access when they are present? The school most likely grants them access but they have to request the access. They are not students, faculty or staff either. ________________________________________