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Put your ASN into this URL:

Http://  and see if it goes to your institution's homepage.  It did for us, and I've found quite a few others with a google search for ""

Right now, I'm looking at the UT Dallas homepage with

Bob Bayn          (435)797-2396            IT Security Team
Office of Information Technology, Utah State University




Did you ever find out exactly what is going on with this domain. I’ve read the “Documentation links” provided by Jason but no other discussion. is housed in Beijing China and has an interesting research paper tied to it ( Their site for our university seems to be updating just as fast as we do and they sure do seem to be caching a lot of sites.  McAfee’s SiteAdvisor says it’s ok  (




Forrest H. Swick

IT Security Analyst

Information Management and Technology

University of Northern Colorado


Jason, Thank you! Yes this is now on the list of "Other research projects. . ." :-) --Forrest