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I’m sure you’ve all heard, but in case you have not, dozens of universities across the globe have been hacked into by hactivists from a group called Team Ghostshell. You will want to check to see if your organization has been affected.

The University of Pennsylvania was among dozens of universities worldwide that were hacked and had student and employee records posted online this week.

Penn officials issued an email Wednesday confirming the breach, which they said was limited in scope.

"Fortunately, no sensitive information that could result in identify theft, such as Social Security numbers, PennKey passwords, bank account numbers or credit card numbers are contained in the database that was compromised," the email said.

Other universities that were hacked include Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Purdue, Rutgers, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins. The University of Tokyo and Cambridge were among the those breached outside the United States…

Team GhostShell returned late Monday with Project WestWind: a leak of 120,000 records from 100 major universities around the world.

Team GhostShell is the hacking group behind Project Hellfire, which launched in August this year. Project Hellfire lifted 1 million accounts from 100 websites around the world, compromising data from the CIA and from Wall Street.

The hacked data leaked in Project WestWind does indeed appear to come from a who’s who of major learning institutions. They include Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Tokyo University, Cornell and New York University….


We have set out to raise awareness towards the changes made in today's education, how new laws imposed by politicians affect us, our economy and overall, our way of life. How far we have ventured from learning valuable skills that would normally help us be prepared in life, to just, simply memorizing large chunks of text in exchange for good grades. How our very own traditions are heard less and less, losing touch with who we truly are. Slowly casting the identities, that our ancestors fought to protect, into exile. – TGS …






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