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Hello All, With the relativity new restrictions placed on Federal Grants and the use of Government data we are facing a large project to construct a "FISMA Zone" at out data center. A question came up in our weekly project meeting on what other schools are doing. A quick search of the web came back with some outsourcing it, some doing it themselves, and some offering guidance and leaving it up to the individual units to secure the data. I wanted to ask this list what some of you folks are doing before we go down the path of constructing a zoned off area in our data center for this. Thanks in advance Jay Graham Enterprise Architect University of Pittsburgh


We have a heavily protected VDI solution that we use for this purpose. Mostly built on open source technologies, but with a few licensed items like the vulnerability management and two-factor solutions. Quinn R Shamblin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Executive Director of Information Security, Boston University CISM, CISSP, GCFA, PMP  -  O 617-358-6310  M 617-999-7523