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We currently have several computers in our Health Sciences Information Commons area that require an ID and password for authentication.  We have discovered that this is a pain point for our helpdesk as we have doctors and clinical faculty that come over from our neighboring hospital to use the computers.  Although they all have credentials, the hospital does not require them to use them and many of them don't remember what they are or that their password expired several months (years) ago.
We are looking for a way to allow them to use a method similar to our guest wireless where we ask for a name and email address in order to connect.  We would like the workstation to boot up and present them with this type of screen prior to getting a desktop.
Is there anyone that is already doing this or even a commercial product that we can look at?
James Pardonek, CISSP, CEH
Information Security Officer
Loyola University Chicago 
1032 W. Sheridan Road | Chicago, IL  60660

: (773) 508-6086