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The University of Alaska is looking for a talented individual to work in the identify and access management realm here in Fairbanks, Alaska. If you have an interest in northern latitudes, Shibboleth, Active Directory, LDAP and the middleware that facilitates student and institutional success please consider applying at the URL below.

Job Posting Summary The identity and access group manages IdP services and integrates new services with Active Directory and Shibboleth. Directory services, account provisioning and management are primary functions as well.  
Knowledge, skills and abilities required for this position. Unix system administration; PERL, SQL and JAVA programming; Active Directory, HTTP, XML, SAML protocols; LDAP schema and LDIF; Public Key Encryption and Certificate use; experience and proficiency utilizing software engineering principles and techniques; experience working on projects across departmental boudaries  

Nathan Zierfuss, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer
Technology Oversight Services, University of Alaska
910 Yukon Dr. Suite 105, PO Box 755320
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-5320
Phone: 907-450-8112  Fax: 907-450-8381