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We are in the process of evaluating and allocating funding for a new IDS and SIEM.  Would anyone be able to, on or off list, share some insight as to vendors you particularly like/dislike and features you do and do not like within an IDS and SIEM?


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Adam S. Glick

IT Security Engineer

Brown University

Providence, RI  02912


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Good morning, Our CIO has had some discussions with Gartner RE: SIEM. I'm familiar with the concept and many of the components, but I don't have a holistic appreciation of the application yet. Offerings being bantered about are from Solarwinds, LogRhythm, Trustwave, Q1Labs and McAfee. I am curious what other's experiences are in the collective realm or with these specific offerings. What kinds of timeframes and budgets did you place on your implementations? Josh Beeman posted an informal survey that included SIEM as a potential priority over the next 5 years. I'm also curious where other organizations place this with respect to other priorities (Josh's post is in-line below). This is cross-posted to the SECURITY and NET-MAN lists. Thanks, Brian
Our SIEM is one of our most valuable security tools. After several years of having it in place, it is hard for me to imagine how we could operate without it! :) Brian Basgen Assistant Vice Chancellor IT (Acting) Sent from my mobile device