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Dear Colleagues: A friend and collaborator, Prof. Sanjay Goel, of the School of Business at the University at Albany, is conducting a study examining employee perceptions and attitudes towards an organization's information security policies/practices. (FYI, the dean of the Psychology dept. is a co-author.) I just completed the survey which took me about 12 minutes. For individuals in the information security field, if nothing else, the survey will make you aware of some of the possible attitudes that employees will have towards your institution's security requirements, i.e., the criteria they will use to evaluate security policies and controls will differ markedly from our frame of reference. This is worth knowing and be reminded of. I therefore encourage you to consider completing the survey, despite the fact that we are in large part a biased population. Marty Manjak <---begin message---> PERCEPTIONS OF INFORMATION SECURITY IN ORGANIZATIONS: Invitation to participate in a survey study. You are invited to be a participant in a research study examining employee perceptions of information security policies in organizations. Researchers at the University at Albany have developed an online survey to investigate factors that influence the perceived effectiveness of information security policies in organizations. The ultimate goal of the research project is to identify ways of improving information security and reducing security breaches in organizations. We anticipate that the results from this survey will also help us tailor education and training to improve security. Your participation in the study is strictly voluntary and all responses will be kept confidential. Your responses will be anonymous and IP address are NOT identified or recorded. No identifying information is requested so no one can know who completed the survey. Your responses will go directly to the research team and will not be shared with anyone in your workplace. Only aggregate or summary responses will be reported in scholarly reports or papers. Thank you for considering to participate in this survey study. To participate, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser: If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Goel at <---end message---> -- Martin Manjak CISSP, GIAC GSEC-G Information Security Officer University at Albany MSC 209 518/437-3813 The University at Albany will never ask you to reveal your password. Please ignore all such requests.