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Hi Brad,

Can you point me in the direction the terms of service that I want to violate.   I would also appreciate a person at Google (perhaps the person who did the presentation), because I see Google wanting their cake (for web administrators to suppress spam so that they can have higher quality searches), and then make it difficult for people to find back linking and spam on their domains (both technically and through terms of service.)  

I have tried various means of getting to the right people within Google to see if web admins and Google could work together, but haven't gotten anywhere.

I am just trying to keep tabs on RIT from Google (as a lot of back linking will successful evade local detection by putting in code that only displays the spam when the user agent is googlebot, and the IP is in the right range.


>Date:    Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:43:04 -0600
>From:    Brad Judy <win-hied@BRADJUDY.COM>
>Subject: Re: A substitute for Google Alerts / Circumventing Google restrictions on spam suppression

>Having attended a presentation by this group, I'll note that their tool =
>does not necessarily conform to the terms of use for the services.  Use =
>wisely. =20

>Brad Judy


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I don’t have a specific link for you, I’m just relaying something that the authors of the tool mentioned during their presentation on how to use it. (Security B-Sides event in ATL)  IIRC, they at the time they said the Bing terms of service didn’t preclude using their tool.