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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 REN-ISAC, EDUCAUSE and SANS held our first NetWars tournament at Security Professionals Conference on May 15. The winners of our inaugural NetWars Tournament are: · First – Leif Nixon, who wins an iPad · Second – Kees Leune – who wins a SANS OnDemand class · Third – James Clark, who wins a signed book by Ed Skoudis: “Counter Hack Reloaded” Our winner, Leif, had this to say: "I have never had so much fun in a conference room." Kees added: "Having participated in Netwars continuous and in Netwars tournament, I can honestly say that it was the most intellectually challenging and the most enjoyable test of technical skills in which I have had the privilege to participate." I know I enjoyed testing my skills on the (few) levels that I played in the Continuous Play option. I was disappointed that I didn't make it farther! The next opportunity to purchase NetWars at the special educational discount rate will be Nov 1 - Dec 15. You can find out more about this program, or any of the REN-ISAC and SANS aggregate purchase programs, at: If you have questions about the REN-ISAC/SANS partnership, please email Regards, Beth - -- Beth Young, CISSP 24x7 Watch Desk +1(317)278-6630 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32) iQEVAwUBT8dzxXOn520JM2MZAQLWdAf+LMtvDjnp2tna+4xiSPOnByrBf4N8Bc1i Z8DWFBvjEGwv0wPofkq7ijPbHgP0J0LgeBpKYIrDn57/9ZkVdCQpwBOg8JBmR3kp d515Ch3lQPTWUCfgUF8cRNunlgaROv6qCp9jwJ9b9WBLtvNHFlqq1BVb2Bqo0FnS lzvCgdtsubOuAjIqwGTBSg9+li7pc/9EDEtb/AEx9ngx6LLqrGr/yHsBWxuqwWZD nK7ywLuuZtHqDZMrCfye1+/wXZUDaAQ7ovK7zv44QnptkYC/TJ7mH8lh9h2cwjrK czJ5IiWV+oV5vu8mU1OKCO/9EQr1WE6zB+Y5kFoiwDHqraUMV2JxJA== =UkAC -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----