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We have a need to be able to provide a guest presenter with temporary credentials that would allow them to log in to a classroom podium PC that is on AD. (so the whole CTRL ALT DEL, username and password thing).  The problem I am trying to solve is that there is virtually zero support staff available at times to hand the guest the id and password.  Does anyone know of or has implemented an automated way (Kiosk?) to be able to have the guest provide something they know to an application and have that app send them the ID and password?  Because of the risks of not knowing who the user might be, we are not willing to have the PC autologon.
James Pardonek, CISSP, CEH
Information Security Officer
Loyola University Chicago 
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We require guests who need an account in AD to be sponsored by a staff or faculty member. There is a web application where the sponsor can log in and enter information about the guest. The guest account is then automatically provisioned and then de-provisioned after a set amount of time. ::Adam >