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SANS, EDUCAUSE and REN-ISAC are considering offering a 6 hour SANS NetWars Tournament as a preconference seminar at the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference on May 15 in Indianapolis. A nominal fee of $175 will be charged to recover facility costs for food and audio-visual. We need to gauge the number of likely participants in order to decide whether to hold the Tournament. If you think you'll participate, please complete this survey before close of business on February 7. Participants bring their own laptop to play. Your response is not binding. Contact information will not be used for any purpose other than judging whether to host the Tournament. Your response will be shared with SANS, REN-ISAC and EDUCAUSE. Please answer the survey for yourself only, not for your team or campus. Feel free to forward to anyone at your organization that might be interested. NetWars Tournament is a collection of live, hands-on computer and network security challenges designed to represent real-world security issues, their flaws and their resolutions. NetWars is meant to challenge network and security staff and build the player’s skills throughout the challenges. Each player will receive feedback on the tasks, giving them valuable information so they can improve their skills. To read about NetWars, visit ( Regards, Doug Pearson Technical Director, REN-ISAC 24x7 Watch Desk +1(317)278-6630 PS: Those who played NetWars Continuous will have a leg up in this competition.


Good afternoon - Please take a minute to complete this survey about the possibility of holding a SANS NetWars Tournament prior to the Security Conference in Indianapolis this May. Many of you have signed up for the SANS NetWars Continuous Play and now our input is vital to our decision as to whether we can host the tournament. Deadline to respond: Tuesday, February 7. Thank you! Valerie _______________ Valerie M. Vogel Program Manager, EDUCAUSE office: (202) 331-5374 e-mail: